Hello Kitty Triple Lacquer Lunch Box 3pcs Box – Made in Japan

$ 57.50

Hello Kitty Triple Lacquer Lunch box. Perfect lunch box on an excursion or store accessories or makeups at home. Hello Kitty, also known by her full name Kitty White, is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. Sanrio depicts Hello Kitty as a young female gijinka of a Japanese Bobtail cat with a red bow and no mouth.

Producer: Skater Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 3 piece lunch and/or beauty box
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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SANRIO Hello Kitty Jigsaw Puzzles - Tropical Sunset 1000 Pieces

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