GLICO Pretz Mild Salad No Artificial Additives 23g × 20 Boxes – Made in Japan

$ 34.50

GLICO Pretz Mild Salad No Artificial Additives Made in Japan. Pretz is the perfect savory snacks when you’re on the go. Our variety of these pretzel sticks ranges from pizza flavor to a sweet corn flavor. PRETZ was created based off of the beloved German stick pretzel. It’s a long selling product that first appeared on the Japanese market in 1963. There are various types of the crispy snack, from sweet flavors to salty, so please enjoy them all. PRETZ officially launched as a sweet snack in 1963, becoming one of Glico’s long-standing brands. Now with a wider range of flavours, it has garnered fans from all walks of life. Its long, slim stick shape breaks with a nice snap and can be easily enjoyed as an accompaniment alongside any activity. PRETZ’s brand promise ‘Hello, me time!’ is a representation of its mission to enable customers to enjoy uninterrupted moments of being fully absorbed in the things they love.

Producer: Glico Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 23g x 20 boxes
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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GLICO Pretz Mild Salad Made in Japan

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