GLICO Pocky Brown Sugar Syrup and Roasted Soybean Flour 4 Bags Inside – Made in Japan

$ 11.50

GLICO Pocky Trinity Orange Peel. Gentle combination of brown sugar syrup and Kinako (soybean flour) Mild taste brown sugar syrup-flavored pretzel coated with roasted soybean flour chocolate of good flavor. Enjoy rich flavored Pocky. You can feel two kinds of taste in your mouth. “from JAPAN” represents “Omotenashi” which is Japanese hospitality mind with customer point of view as much as low-key. This fall, the first fall in “Reiwa era” (new emperor’s throne), we will start selling two kinds of seasonal pocky with theme “Japan”. We feel the taste “Japanese like” enhanced by the ingredients with sensitively selecting pretzel and chocolate. Pocky are long-selling products with more than 50 years history. It’s fine product of Japanese sensitive culinary art and production technique. Pocky has genuine taste and fit to your way to “omotenashi” to your families, friends and partners.

Producer: GLICO Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 1 package = 4 bags inside (75g)
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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