GION TSUJIRI Matcha Balm Skin Cream Kyoto Shabonya – Made in Japan

49.90 USD

GION TSUJIRI Matcha Balm Skin Cream Kyoto Shabonya is a luxurious balm skin using the finest Minocha “Old Kento” matcha. Collaboration product with soap workshop “Kyoto Shabonya” who is particular about natural materials, Matcha balm skin cream is here! It uses the matcha “old times of Kento” released in commemoration of 1200 years of Heian Jiandu. Made with carefully selected tea leaves grown and cultivated in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture and carefully lifted with a stone mill. This is the best matcha tea from Gion Guri. Same as “Chanoki”, where you can make tea. Oil collected from the seeds of Yucha, which is the genus Camellia, Spreads well and moisturizes your skin. Finished with a refreshing green tea fragrance. Image of freshly picked tea leaves. We prepared in Gion Yuri original wooden package! No color on skin. Because it is handmade, the color and fragrance may differ. This product cannot be eaten. Since no preservative is used, there is an expiration date of 4 months. Only natural ingredients are used.

Producer: Giontsujiri Japan
Country of Production: Kyoto, Japan
Amount: 1 x balm cream, size: H48mm × W48mm × D32mm
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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GION TSUJIRI Matcha Lip Cream Kyoto Shabonya Made in JapanGiontsujiriGIONTSUJIRI Uji Testumi Gyokuro Japanese Hand-Picked Green Tea

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