FUKUJUEN Gyokuro Kozan – Made in Japan

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Gyokuro Kozan is premium tea, produced by Fukujuen in Uji, Kyoto. Only freshly harvested tea tips (shinme) are used for Kozan and processed by using the traditional methods by Fukujuen. Founded in 1790 in Kyoto, Fukujuen is one of the most respected and prestigious green tea sellers in Japan.

Producer: Fukujuen, Kyoto
Country of manufacturing: Japan
Amount: 70g can, Shelf life: 270 days from the date of production

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Fukujuen (Source: http://tsuujiphoto.blog107.fc2.com/blog-entry-481.html)

Gyokuro (玉露) is a type of green tea produced in Japan and contains theanine (an amino acid), caffeine, tannin and vitamin C. Gyokuro is known for its rich umami due to the high content of theanine, an amino acid found in Japanese green tea. This umami is responsible for its full-bodied mellow sweetness.

Gyokuro has abundant theanine because of the way tea leaves are grown. While the standard sencha is grown in the full sun, tea leaves for gyokuro are covered by sheets 20 to 30 days before harvest. Containing a significant amount of tips and young shoots, gyokuro is relatively high on caffeine. In comparison to coffee, however, gyokuro’s caffeine is subtler as the theanine has a calming effect.

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