FUJIYA Japanese Cookies Matcha & Chocolate 14 pcs – Made in Japan

$ 7.40

Why should you try Japanese cookies when you can buy cheap ones at home? Here is the answer – Fujiya Country Ma’am Matcha and Chocolate Cookies is super soft inside and super crisp on the outside, making it super addictive! Made with locally produced uji green tea matcha in Kyoto, Country Ma’am has been extremely popular in Japan. Have a tea party at home or work – Country Ma’am Matcha Cookies will impress your family, friends and colleagues. Ingredients: Flour, vegetable oil, chocolate chips (incl. milk and soy beans), reduced starch syrup, white soybean paste (incl. milk), sugar, egg, full-fat soy flour, syrup, skimmed-milk powder, matcha, salt, egg yolk, whole milk powder, dextrin, sencha, processed starch, emulsifier, trehalose, stabilizer (processed starch), spice, leavening agent, gardenia and carotenoid color.

Producer: Fujiya Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 14 individually packed cookies
Taste: Match and chocolate

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