Dr. Ci:Labo Labo Labo Pores Oil Cleansing – 110ml – Made in Japan

39.50 USD

Dr. Ci:Labo Labo Labo Super Pores Lotion – 100ml. An oil cleanser that is gentle on the skin while cleanly removing  layers of makeup and stubborn blackheads.

Producer: Dr. Ci:Labo
Country of Origin: Japan
Amount: 110ml
Delivery: Directly from Japan

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Dr. Ci:Labo Labo Labo Pores Oil Cleansing - 110ml

Features & Benefits:

  • Stronger pore refining ingredients that tighten up the pores!

While gently peeling the skin with naturally derived lactic acid / malic acid / royal jelly acid / papain derivatives, this product sloughs away the old skin that causes pores to open, supporting the turnover of the skin.  Daily use prevents roughness, leaving skin silky and soft.   In addition, softened skin is treated with 4 types of pore refining ingredients, suppressing  the secretion of sebum and  tightening the pores.  With stronger pore refining / keratinized skin care properties, this product will leave skin virtually pore-free.

  • Focusing on “gentleness on the skin” as well as makeup removing properties

Contains 200% hyaluronic acid / collagen to prevent dryness from oil cleansing (*compared to conventional products).  With exceptional cleansing properties, this product leaves skin free of irritation from dryness, and cleansed skin has a feeling of freshness followed by real moisture. It can be used in the bath while relaxing with the orange scent.

  • An oil cleanser that thoroughly removes layers of makeup and waterproof mascara!
  • Thoroughly picking up dirt from deep within the pores, it tightens and refines pores.
  • A cleanser rich in moisturizing ingredients that leaves skin moist and supple.

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