DHC W Scalp Care Conditioner Made in Japan 370ml – Made in Japan

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DHC W Scalp Care Conditioner. W ingredients prevent dandruff and itching! For soft flowing hair Two types of ingredients are conditioners that prevent dandruff and itching and sweat odor from scalp and hair. Contains miconazole nitrate, an antifungal ingredient that suppresses the growth of Malassezia bacteria that cause dandruff, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that suppresses inflammation that causes itching. Furthermore, three kinds of vitamins ※ keep healthy scalp. Moisturizing ingredients Pineapple Ceramide and Yuzu Ceramide are also added to make the hair environment fresh and fresh. In pursuit of the finished feeling, blended with naturally derived conditioning ingredient jojoba oil. It leads to good, soft flowing hair as per your finger. Recommended for those who suffer from dandruff / itch scalp problems. Fresh herbal scent. Uncolored and paraben-free with natural ingredients. Vitamin A derivative, vitamin B5 precursor, vitamin C derivative / skin conditioning ingredient.

Producer: DHC Japan
Production: Made in Japan
Amount: 1 x 370ml
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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DHC Scalp Care Shampoo Made in Japan

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