CHINPINDO Chinsuko Cookies Family Pack from Okinawa 165g – Made in Japan

$ 22.50

Chinpindo Chinsuko Large Family Pack from Okinawa. Okinawan cookies with three flavours including plain, brown sugar and sweet potato. Bite-size pieces individually packed.  Ingredients: flour, sugar, lard (from pork), chicken eggs, shortening, brown sugar powder, beni-imo purple potato powder, molasses, baking powder, flavoring, caramel color, gardenia red color, antioxidant (Vitamin E). Best to consume within 210 Days, Nutrition facts: per 100g. Standard Content: 165g. Energy:499.7kcal, protein:6.1g :21.1g lipid, carbohydrate:71.2g, sodium:137.5mg

Producer: Chinpindo Okinawa
Country of Production: Okinawa, Japan
Amount: 1 x bag of 165g cookies from Okinawa
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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CHINPINDO Chinsuko Family Pack from Okinawa Made in Japan

Beautiful Okinawa

CHINPINDO Chinsuko Family Pack from Okinawa Made in Japan

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