BUNMEIDO Premium Gosan Castella 10 Slices x 2 in Kiri Wooden Box – Made in Japan

$ 155.00

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BUNMEIDO Premium Gosan Castella is made with Japan-grown flour and Wasanbon sugar from Tokushima Prefecture as well as more egg yolk than regular castella by Bunmeido. Full body and deep koku flavour, this cake is for castella lovers who appreciate the sophistication in taste and presentation. Comes in an elegant kiri wooden box – perfect as gifts. Bunmeido has a long history in making castella. It was the first company to make castella cake spread across the country with a famous TV commercial in 1962 (see below) and castella became the desired item for afternoon tea at 3pm. Enjoy Japanese people's favorite cake.

Producer: Bunmeido Japan
Country of Production: Japan
Amount: 10 slices x 2, Size: 302 x 110 x 80mm, Best before date: 14 days
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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BUNMEIDO Premium Gosan Castella - 5 Slices

BUNMEIDO Sakura Honey Castella Limited Edition Made in Japan

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