Bulk Buy – KAO Essential Rich Damage Care Shampoo REFILL 340ml x 3 packs – Made in Japan

$ 37.70

Buy in bulk and save, save and save! Rich Damage Care Shampoo Refill x 3 packs is a smart choice for smart fans of Kao products. Rich Damage Care Shampoo contains hydrolyzed conchiolin proteins, which deliver powerful polypeptides that moisturise hair.Highly concentrated Honey and Protein leaves your hair moist and manageable. Essential’s new cuticle care formula repair, moisturise and protects hair cuticles four times more. KAO Essential series is essential for families who wish to keep their bathroom with safe, high-quality and stylish made in Japan products. Genuinely made in Japan for the Japanese market.

Producer: KAO Japan
COP: Made in Japan
Amount: 3 x 380ml
Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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New KAO Essence Shampo Conditioner Made in Japan

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