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Hi, everyone! This is Kyoko from again, introducing must-have Japanese products. Today’s post is going to feature the most popular Japanese ointment – Oronine H Ointment. Introduced by Otsuka Seiyaku back in 1956, Oronine has been part of our everyday life. In fact, I suspect that almost every single Japanese household has one in store at home. Oronine is Japanese Magic Ointment for Busting Acne, Blackheads, Burns & Cracked Skin!

Oh btw, I hate to mention this, but there could be many Oronine products that are not genuine. So many sure you get them from reliable sources.

It is almost like a magic ointment as it heals various kinds of conditions, including cuts, burns and cracked skin. But Oronine is more than just a regular ointment treating these conditions, but it can be used for more.

One of the most talked-about and interesting ways of using oronine is treating blackheads. Wash your face, put on Oronine on your nose and leave it for a while. Oronine will help soften dead skin and remove dirt from the pores. Wash off Oronine with relatively warm water as it can be oily. There are expensive products for removing blackheads, but Oronine can do just about the same job as these products.

OronineYour blackheads are really hard to get rid of? Then, you should have a bath or shower and try to soften your skin first. Then try putting on Oronine and use KOSE Softymo Black Pack Nose Pore Cleansing Strips Black or KAO Biore Nose Cleansing Blackheads Pore Strips Black. You’ll never have to be embarrassed in public!
Oronine also helps treat our public number one enemy – acne. For all of us who suffer from acne, we’ve tried many different products, but I have to say, Oronine helped me most when I was a teenager. But you have to use Oronine in the right way to gain the maximum effect.

First, make sure you wash your face and hands thoroughly. Remove moist around your acne by softly placing soft towel on and around acne. Apply lotion so that your skin will not be dry, but do not over-apply lotion near your acne. And here is the most important point – do not apply too much Oronine. Just place 2mm on the tip of a cotton swab and place it gently on acne. Being gentle is the key here. Don’t ever scrutch acne!

OTSUKA Oronine H Ointment Tube - 11gBut if your acne is red, you need to do a little bit more work. Place Oronine in the middle of red acne and place it down so that it gets absorbed better.

If you are going to sleep, place a bandage ‘gently’ over acne. If bandage is tightly stuck, acne gets worse over night. And make sure to remove it when you wake up. The key is to keep it hygienic.

OTSUKA Oronine H Ointment Tube - 11gAnother important thing you should keep in mind is, you should use Oronine only once a day. I know you are keen to have it gone, but overdose of Oronine is not going to help! Oronine is recommended for one week, so if your acne won’t improve then, consult with a doctor.

It’s also good to apply a small amount of Oronine to prevent acne.

What’s buzzing around among Japanese women is Oronine lotion. There is no such thing per se, but many beauticians in Japan recommend making your own Oronine lotion. Oronine lotion works really well on sensitive skin and should be used once or twice a month.

OTSUKA Oronine H Ointment - 100gHow can we make Oronine lotion? Place a small amount of Oronine in a bowl and add your favorite lotion. Lotions such as Hatomugi Skin Conditioner can be a good candidate. Mix them well and place Oronine lotion on your skin. You can also place it on cotton buds and place them on your face as a face mask treatment!

This is the biggest secret but Oronine is an amazing remedy for cracked heels. Again there are many products treating cracked heels, but you don’t have to buy these as long as you have Oronine at home. All you have to do is put Oronine on your cracked heels, put socks on and leave them on overnight. You’ll be amazed to touch your reborn, soft heels! This is what I do at home in winter time:-)

OTSUKA Oronine H Ointment HeelWe run an online shop, so it’s important for us to have a variety of products available. But sometimes one thing works for so many things, which are unknown.

Oronine is such an item I can highly and proudly recommend to our customers around the globe:-)