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It was made into TV anime series; some 103 series was broadcast between 1979and 1976 and the New Dokonjo Gaeru produced 30 series between 1981 and 1982.

What’s so special about Pyonkichi the Most gutsy frog in Japan? It’s to do with where he lives – in Hiroshi’s Tshirt! One day Hiroshi trips over a rock and falls down on top of a frog. As he gets up, Hiroshi realizes the frog has become an imprint on the front of his Tshirt. Pyonkichi, a very gutsy frog, starts giving advice to Hiroshi who is a bit of a loser.

It’s 45 years on since Pyonkichi and Hiroshi first met, and over the years they’ve become beloved anime characters in Japan. Now Dokonjo Gaeru is being made into a movie with real actors. Some are happy with the news but many seem to be worried that real actors might spoil the great anime characters.

Let’s see what the director and actors can do to satisfy the generations that grew up with Pyonkichi and Hiroshi!