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No More Pain in Ordering Wholesale Matcha: How Japan’s Ochask Helps Your Business

Truth be told – The highest quality matcha comes from Japan. However, ordering wholesale matcha from a Japan-based company or farmer is a pain in the neck.

First, you have to find a wholesaler and contact them in Japan via a contact-us form. You’ll hear from them in a week or so, and they will ask you to prove that you are a legitimate and fully registered company in your country. You write back asking for wholesale prices.

You expect a wholesale price list, but it’s not that easy.

Often they may not want to deal with you if you are not a registered company, or too new or don’t have a website. So you’ll never find out wholesale prices.

A quick and easy payment doesn’t exist, either. In fact, payment is hugely a painful process. Most tea dealers in Japan won’t take a credit card, PayPal or Stripe, so you have to do an international bank transfer.

So, if you want to order wholesale matcha from a Japanese company or farmer, it’ll take days if not weeks or months. That is, if they accept your order. In the middle of your communication with them, they could suddenly decide not to register you as a wholesale customer.

By the way, most great matcha farmers don’t speak English, so you can’t even find them in cyberspace.

Now, imagine all this pain disappears. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could instantly order wholesale matcha from Japan by online payment?

Ochaski’s wholesale matcha online shop is a dream come true for busy and frustrated matcha business owners around the world. Our online shop lists all types of purely Japanese matcha with actual wholesale prices, and you can pay with a credit card or through PayPal or Stripe.

Communication will be easy, too, with Ochaski staff, all of whom speak English and have been serving all types of customers from around the world.

International delivery will be easy, fast and reliable. Ochaski is officially teamed up with Japan Post and we deliver all wholesale matcha by EMS Express, which takes five to 10 days.

So, here is the likely scenario you can expect:

Visit and log into Ochaski wholesale matcha online shop (1 second)
Place your order through an instant online payment (anywhere between 3 – 5 minutes if you know what you want)
Your order will be dispatched in five to 10 days, and
Receive your matcha in 5 to 10 days

Of course the dispatch and delivery time will vary, but the earliest, you could receive your matcha from Japan in ten days.

Ordering process shouldn’t be complicated. Ochaski takes orders from anyone and anytime of the day or night. It doesn’t matter whether you have a registered business, or are new to the match industry, or just need a large amount of matcha for non-business related purposes.

Matcha is for everyone. If the highest quality matcha comes from Japan, you should have “We use Japanese Matcha” at your shop front.

Wherever you are located in the world, we’ll deliver you Japanese matcha in convenient and reliable ways.

We are ready to serve you – Place your order today.