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Yes, it’s that time of year. Kanebo Milano Collection 2017 is now open for reservation!  To secure your own, you need to fill out that form and hand it in to your frequented cosmetic store. Once you’ve used this reservation-only-once-a-year face powder, there is no turning back. The latest version is said to be more compact than ever. Kanebo Milano Collection is The Queen of Japanese Cosmetics!

Milano Collection as a brand under Kanebo came out in 1991. Since then, they’ve brought out a new design and theme each year. In fact, Milano Collection has been the most popular face powder for the last eight years.

Milano Collection History

Milano Collection History

Milano Collection came about from one of Kanebo’s staff from the R&D department. During her business trip to Milano over 25 years ago, she was impressed with the city’s architecture. She wanted to recreate their beauty in Kanebo’s cosmetic products.

Also, she wanted to create a series of cosmetics, like the sense of joy that comes from waiting for the Christmas. So she suggested to create a new brand that reflects on the beauty of Milano and that produces a new version each year. Oh, and reservation only.

Now, for those who are not familiar with the magic of Milano Collection, I’m going to take the liberty of summing up below what’s wonderful about the produce according to one of the long-term users of Milano Collection:

  1. Milano Collection face up powder makes skin itself look good
  2. Even though it looks pricy, it lasts about half a year to a year
  3. It gives even spread on face, making it easy for the inexperienced
  4. Because it’s powder, it is more gentle on face than foundation
  5. It stays on and last for all day, and
  6. It won’t make skin dry

In addition, Milano Collection face up powder contains SPF14 PA++, protecting you against UV.

KANEBO Twany Milano Collection 2017 - On Sale in December 2016

KANEBO Twany Milano Collection 2017 – On Sale in December 2016

The theme of 2017 version is “Omoiyari no Angel” or “Caring Angel” in English. It will additionally contain peony extract this year – one of the flower messages of peony in Japan is cleanness.

KANEBO Twany Milano Collection 2017

KANEBO Twany Milano Collection 2017

Fans of Milano Collection are not only drawn to the quality of the powder and the amazing look that the powder gives them. They love the case itself and many fans never throw away the case and turn into, for example, a jewelry case. What you need to do is remove everything from the case and the glue comes out by using a glue remover.


Milano Collection 2017 is now open for reservation at If you book now, you’ll receive a complimentary Kanebo sample set in addition to your own Milano Collection 2017 face up powder.

The product will come out in December 2016 and we will dispatch immediately after that. If you order an EMS express shipping (2 – 7 business days from Japan to most countries), you might be able to receive it just in time for the Christmas.

If you can’t wait till next January, you can still go for a Milano Collection 2016 until then.