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Lantern at the Akagi Shrine

Lantern at the Akagi Shrine

We started Takaski Kagurazaka tour special with the post “Kagurazaka – Lunch in Small Kyoto in Tokyo“. Kagurazaka is one of the trendiest shopping and restaurant districts in Tokyo, aka small Kyoto in Tokyo. There are a must-visit temple and shrine in Kagurazaka: Bishamonten Temple and Akagi Shrine.

Bishamonten Temple – Zenkokuji

Located at the top of Kagurazaka-dori, the Bishamonten Temple has always been the landmark of Kagurazaka, endearingly referred to as “Bishamon-sama of Kagurazaka” by locals. Lanterns light up at night, creating a mythical atmosphere.

Bishamon Ten in Kagurazaka

Bishamon Ten in Kagurazaka

Akagi Shrine

There is a countless number of shrines and temples in Japan, but Akagi Shrine is one of the coolest and most urban shrines in Tokyo. Located off Kagurazaka dori, Akagi Shrine was completely re-rebuilt under the supervision of Kengo Kuma in 2010. The design is super modern with glass walls, quickly becoming a popular venue for weddings.

Right next to the shrine is an apartment building (what a great place to live!) and there is also a cool cafe on the ground floor, serving a variety of dishes and desserts to visitors.

Akagi Shrine is a small shrine, making an ideal place for a quick visit during your excursion in Kagurazaka.