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Japan is well known for its amazing beauty products for women. But only those in the know are aware of how awesome Japanese hair styling products for men are. Here is just one example of a raving review of Japanese hair grease by a hair product blogger. We’ve also read somewhere that Christian Ronald maybe using Gatsby’s made in Japan styling gel for his hair. Japanese Amazing Hair Styling Products for Men.

We’ve asked a few Japanese hairdressers in Tokyo their opinion about Japan’s amazing hair styling products – for men! More specifically, what kind of hair products would give us a perfect look that will last all day. Here are some of their recommendations.


Unlike salon-only products (such as Nakano), Gatsby is available at stores but their products are just as good, says our hairdresser. Try either the Super Hard Styling Gel or Moving Rubber Wax, and finish it up with the Super Hard Set and Keep Spray to create the maximum stronghold.

The most popular jel by Gatsby at our store is GATSBY Styling Gel Super Hard for Men (60g or 200g). It contains subtle citrus scent and the type of vitamin ingredient that protects hair from heat and static electricity. Also quite popular is the Gatsby Moving Rubber series. You can choose from their seven different types of wax according to the hardness and effect you desire. Click on the icons below and each product page has a video introduction on how to use Gatsby Moving Rubber.

The most popular Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax for Men at our store is Spiky Edge, which is the hardest wax of the series. Its excellent holding power keeps hair spiked and in place so you can move through your day with effortless style. Spiky Edge is designed to enhance movement even in short hair. Recommended for very short to short hair. There are smaller versions of each Moving Rubber, too, which you can take to work or school in your bag. Don’t leave home without Gatsby!


Shiseido’s UNO also gives you a variety of looks and holds. UNO Fiber Neo Hold King is highly recommended.


With cool looks, Arimino is also gaining popularity in Japan. Once you start collecting the cube series, apparently it kind of gets addictive.


Cool Grease has a cult following in Japan as well as overseas. There is a whole of of different series and what’s popular is as follows. As far as naming goes, Cool Grease Concrete sounds the most solid among all the products we’ve seen. Cool Grease Concrete is advertised as the “HARDEST HAIR POMADE in THE WORLD”.


Yanagiya also has a cult following for some ‘centuries’. Established in 1615, Yanagiya just celebrated their 400th year anniversary. If the Japanese have trusted their products for that long, why not you?


Overall, Nakano is the most highly recommended  brand by our hairdresser friend. Unlike the products above, Nakano’s hairstyling products are available only at beauty salons. However, you may be able to find them sometimes at stores in Tokyo if you are lucky, but apparently it’s very hard to find outside the metropolitan. Those living outside Tokyo are apparently ordering online. Nakano’s Styling Wax ranges from No. 1 to No. 7 in order of strength.

Takaski, Made in Japan only products

Takaski, Made in Japan only products