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Feels like your hair is thinning a bit? Or you’ve noticed a slight hair loss, but haven’t done much to prevent further loss? If I notice anything at drug stores in Tokyo, it is the amazing range of Japanese hair products for men with hair loss. Japanese TV is full of commercials about hair growth products and toupees for men. The Japanese don’t leave it to chances! Here is a short list of popular Japanese hair products for men, which are designed to help prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth. I hope you’ll find the right one for yourself! Japanese Solution to Hair Loss and Re-Growth in [year].

SHISEIDO – Adenogen

Japan’s biggest cosmetic company offers the Adenogen series. In 2016 Shiseido stopped producing Adenogen Shampoo and replaced it with Adenogen Scalp Shampoo (dry or oily type). Very popular overseas, too and sold popularly at major online shops.


Rigaos is increasingly popular as the Rigaos items occupy more space on shelves at drug stores. Non-silicon and contains natural timber extract. Regaos series also include skincare products that are also getting more popular in Japan.

LION – Pro Tec

Lion’s products are always reliable and more reasonably priced than other brands. Lion’s Pro Tec series is available at almost any drug store in Japan.


Founded in 1932, Kaminomoto has specialised in hair care products for men with hair loss. Also popular overseas and sold in over 45 countries today. Its products are produced and dispatched from their factory in Kobe.

Kaminomoto Hair growth


Yanagiya’s products helps effectively reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Established in 1615, Yanagiya has produced a wide range of hair and scalp care products which are accepted by the Japanese consumers from one generation to another. Yanagiya’s Hair Tonic has been in production for over 60 years.

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  • Halima says:

    iam a woman and have being experiencing front hair loss is there any thing you can do to help i am in Nigeria