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Great Japanese Pain Relief Patches, widely used instead of oral painkillers, could help anybody avoid uncomfortable or dangerous side effects that often result from popping aspirin and other pills, doctors say. Pain patches are available everywhere in Japan (available on Takaski online store). Applied directly to the site of the pain, they release medicine that is absorbed through the skin for up to 12 hours. Because the drugs don’t pass through the digestive system, they carry a lower risk of distressing the liver, stomach or intestines, doctors say. Great Japanese Pain Relief Patches!

Japanese Pain Relief Patches

Japanese Pain Relief Patches

Doctors say patches reduce the risk of overdosing because it’s more difficult for people to take too many at once. They can be removed when the pain stops—unlike pills, which, once swallowed, can’t be undone. And because the medicine in patches is localized, they are less likely to clash with other drugs.

Great Japanese Pain Relief Patches

How to use Japanese Pain Relief Patches

One of the best selling pain relief patches in Japan is Roihi Tsuboko by Nichiban. Introduced in 1932, Roihi Tsuboko Pain Relief Patches are made at Nichiban’s factory in Osaka, Japan. Unlike standard pain patches which are square, Roihi Tsuboko patches are round, making it easier to apply them to different parts of your body.

If you have sensitive skin, you might like to try Salonpas 30 Series by Hisamitsu.

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