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You’ve tried all the local hair care and hair styling products, but not satisfied? Your fruitless search for perfect hair style ends here. Let us take you to men’s paradise where your hair looks exactly the way you want it to. The paradise is called Japan and you are now entering the zone of Japanese hair products (hair styling and hair care). But we don’t want you to feel lost in the men’s paradise. We have therefore taken the liberty of listing most popular lines of products for you. Enjoy browsing!

Wash Japanese Way – Hair and Scalp Care

Japanese hair products:


Rigaos is one of the latest series of Japanese hair products for men by Japan Gateway Co. Ltd. Rigaos is yet to make a splash on the international market, but it is already one of the best selling Japanese hair products. Rigaos is short for: R = Romance, I = Intelligence, G = Gentleness, A = Appearances, O = Originality and S = Spirit. The Rigaos series is targeting the mature market.


Pro Tec is a line of Japanese hair products and scalp care products for men over 30s. Produced by Lion Co. Ltd., and advertised by one of the most popular actors Yo Oizumi, Pro Tec is winning the heart of mature men who are concerned with changes in their hair quality.


Shiseido proudly presents the medicated scalp care series Adenogen. The series aims at revitalising hair and promoting hair growth.


Re-Grow Hair Japanese Way – Hair Growth

Japanese men take great care of their hair. They spend a great deal of time looking for effective Japanese hair products that will help them prevent hair loss and regrow their hair, and they always find ones in the Japanese market. Here are some popular hair growth products that are trusted by discerning Japanese consumers.


Style Hair Japanese Way – Wax and Pomade


Nakano is one of the most trusted hair styling products for salons. While the company does not sell its products to individual consumers, it is available in the drugstores in Japan and it has already established a strong market share overseas. Its signature wax series has seven types from super light to ultra hard. Choose the right one according to how hard you want your hair to be.



Produced by Osaka-based Sakamoto Koseido, Cool and Cock Grease series are extremely popular Japanese hair products. Like Nakano, Sakamoto Koseido enjoys cult following after its signature Cool and Cock Grease series.


In Japan and elsewhere, no longer needs introduction. The Gatsby hair wax series is one of the most sold products in Japan and is expanding its market share overseas as well. The regular size is 80g and the mini pocket size is 15g. They are reasonably priced, which allows Gatsby fans to collect all the series.