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‘Ho ho ho” – can you hear him? Well, it is around this time of year when millions of people around the globe start agonizing over what to get for Christmas presents. You’ve already done candles last year, perfume two years ago and chocolate…last year, too, and we hear you want to be different this year. We say, why not consider Japanese Christmas presents and shine at the upcoming christmas party! Japanese Christmas Gifts & Presents Ideas!

As experts in made in Japan products, Team Takaski has taken the liberty of listing 10 cool Japanese Christmas presents for you to choose from. They are all 100% made in Japan. For more gift ideas, contact our shopping concierge here – who knows everything about Japanese Christamas presents . Oh, and we have a live chat channel on the bottom right corner on our website, too. Let’s solve this shopping dilemma together!

1. Japanese Christmas Presents Nanbu Tekki Cast Iron Teapot

Japanese Christmas Presents

Nanbu Tekki Ironware Japanese Traditional Mari Ball Series

Nanbu-Tekki ironware is taking the world by storm. High end restaurants in the US, UK and France are increasingly using Nanbu Tekki cookware. Nanbu Tekki is made in Iwate Prefecture and its technique developed some 900 years ago. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsman using traditional techniques and materials that are sourced from local areas. Nanbu Tekki requires a process of 64 to 68 different steps to completion. To become an ironware maker, one must go through 15 years of apprenticeship, and the title of master craftsman requires another 40 years of practice.

Nanbu-Tekki is not only beautiful but also highly durable – it’s said to last 100 years. If a piece breaks, you can have it repaired or remade into another object. Nanbu-Tekki can thus be a family treasure that can be passed down to your off springs. Perfect Christmas presents.


2. Japanese Christmas presents: Hello Kitty x The Kiss Christmas Edition

Japanese Christmas GiftsHello Kitty x THE KISS 2015 Limited Version is a perfect gift for Hello Kitty fans around the world. The Hello Kitty face and heart necklace is made of silver 925 (pink gold coated) containing diamond and cubic zirconia (fancy yellow, tourmaline rose and red dark).

It comes in a cute box and a special shopping bag. Dispatch is usually 5 days after an order is made, so hurry and order this very Japanese Christmas Gifts for your special somebody. Other Hello Kitty items, of course, will also make great Japanese christmas presents!

3. Fukujuen Gyokuro Kozan – Premium Japanese Green Tea

Fukujuen (Source:

Fukujuen (Source:

Gyokuro is shaded green tea and is considered as the most exquisite kind of Japanese green tea. Kozan is premium Japanese green tea, produced by Fukujuen in Uji, Kyoto. Only freshly harvested tea tips (“shin-me”) are selected for Kozan and processed by using the traditional methods by Fukujuen.

Founded by Iyemon Fukui in Kyoto in 1790, Fukujuen is endearingly called Iemon and takes pride in producing high quality matcha by using stone mills. From matcha to uji tea, Fukujuen offers a wide range of high quality green tea.

You can buy many different types of Japanese green tea on our Takaski shop.

4.  Cedar Masu Sake Cup & Tokkuri Set

Nikko Cedar Sake Masu & Tokkuri Set - 2011 Tochigi Award Winner

Nikko Cedar Sake Masu & Tokkuri Set – 2011 Tochigi Award Winner

Ultimate Japanese beauty – Rare award-winning masu cup and tokkuri flask for sake enthusiasts around the world. This masu and tokkuri are made of cedar from Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, known for the internationally acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Nikko Toshogu Shrines and Temples. Each piece is handmade by local craftsmen and the product is the recipient of the 2011 Tochigi Good Design Award. *Delivery depends on availability.

5. Kyoto Matcha Starter Kit

Japanese Christmas cards

Matcha starter kit by Ippodo, Kyoto

From StarBucks Matcha Latte to Matcha KitKat, matcha is taking the world by storm. Kyoto Matcha Starter Kit is one of the best Japanese Christmas Presents for anyone interested in learning how to make authentic matcha at home. Unlike tea leaves such as gyokuro, sencha and bancha that can be prepared with a kyusu (Japanese tea pot), matcha requires a set of special utensils. This starter kit is made by one of the most respected tea producers in Japan, providing matcha lovers with all the tools necessary for authentic experience.

6. Panasonic Portable Washlet Toilette Bidet

PANASONIC Portable Washlet Toilette Bidet Battery Operated

PANASONIC Portable Washlet Toilette Bidet Battery Operated

If you’ve been to Japan, you must have been impressed with Japanese toilet sheets that automatically open for you as you walk in, and that washes you as you command from the cockpit like panel. Japanese are indeed addicted to hygiene and are now carrying their own bidet in case they might one day walk into a public toilet without the magic sheet. Panasonic Portable Washlet is one of the best selling portable bidets in Japan. This product is made in Japan and battery-operated. Perfect travel companion.

7. Japanese Language Textbook – Genki

GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Workbook Set – Second Edition

GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Workbook Set – Second Edition

Less than five years to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – Start learning Japanese today! Or get your family or friend to learn Japanese so that they can be your translator when you come to Japan. Genki 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese is perfect for beginners to the Japanese language. For intermediate learners, Genki II is available, too.

8. Mt. Fuji Sake Cups – World Heritage Celebration

Mt. Fuji Sake Cups - World Heritage Site Celebration

Mt. Fuji Sake Cups – World Heritage Site Celebration

Nothing matches better than the combination of sake and Mt. Fuku. So have your favourite sake in a Mt. Fuji cup! Mt. Fuji has long been the symbol of Japan, and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 2013 after many years of campaign by Mt. Fuji lovers. Mt. Fuji Sake Cups are made in Japan and come in a wooden box. Perfect  Japanese Christmas presents for sake lovers.

9. Lululun Face Mask

LuLuLun Face Mask Fresh Clear Type 32 Sheets

LuLuLun Face Mask Fresh Clear Type 32 Sheets

There is a cult following after many Japanese beauty products, including face beauty masks. Lululun Face Mask series is the best selling brand in Japan, selling a whopping 150,000,000 sheets in three and a half years since its debut. Lululun Face Mask Fresh Clear Type is moist and refreshing at the same time, and comes with 32 sheets. It contains hyaluronic acid, fruit extract, vitamin C, grichilchirine acid calcium, provitamin B5, etc. Pumper your partner with Japan’s favorite facial mask on 2015 Christmas.

Many different types of face masks are available here.

10. Tokyo Banana Cake – Miitusketa

Tokyo Banana Cake Original

Tokyo Banana Cake Original

Tokyo Banana has become an internationally sought-after souvenir of Tokyo, offering a series of Japanese sweets. Tokyo Banana Original Miitsuketa is made with strained banana puree and extremely soft sponge cake, appealing to both men and women and young and old. Additional news is Tokyo Banana has the new version of Ginza Strawberry Cake, which is only available at JRTokyo and Shinagawa. Experience the Tokyo sensation and impress your family and friends during Christmas this year.

Additional Idea – Japanese Christmas Cards

HELLO KITTY Christmas Card

HELLO KITTY Christmas Card

You need a Japanese Christmas card to go with your Japanese Christmas presents for your family and friends. Nothing, of course, beats Hello Kitty Christmas Card.

Ho ho ho, that’s all from us for now. And please note that we are offering a free christmas wrapping until late December. Please simply indicate that your order is a Christmas gift when you check out.

If you are looking for an inspiration for christmas lunch and dinner, how about sushi Santa? Our feature image comes from MAKESUSHI (