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Are you a business owner wanting to visit Japan to purchase products for your business back home? Has your boss just told you that you need to go to Japan to represent your company? Or are you looking for the best way to sell your company’s products in Japan? So you want to know how to achieve a successful business trip to Japan?

Takaski offers bilingual business assistant service TBAS – Tokyo Business Assistant Service – that will make your business trip to Tokyo a walk in park.

Since Tokyo won the right to host the 2020 Olympic Games, there seems to be an increasing business interest in anything to do with Japan. But if you don’t speak Japanese or aren’t familiar with Japanese business practices, a business trip to Japan could be rather daunting.

Globalization is forcing Japanese companies to internationalize its business practices, but a phone call from overseas could still make a lot of Japanese employees flip to the other side of the world.

Furthermore, if you are based outside Japan, it’s very difficult to locate companies or wholesalers from whom you could negotiate prices. If you are from overseas, though, it is also almost impossible to get a purchase right at wholesalers in Japan.

Large Japanese companies do have English speaking staff, but small to medium businesses are hardly able to hire full time English speaking employees. In fact, we are increasingly asked by our suppliers if we could help them deal with inquiries from overseas.

They usually sound rather distressed on the phone saying, “Can you please help us?! We are getting so many inquiries through fax and email, but we can’t read them!” We asked what they normally do with faxes and emails from overseas. They said, “We feel sorry but we just ignore them.”

One of such ignored emails or faxes could be coming from your company.

Our Tokyo Business Assistant Service – TBAS is a premium service designed to accommodate your needs before, during and after your business visit to Japan. Based at the heart of Tokyo, is in the unique position to help you achieve successful and fruitful business transactions in Japan.

Our TBAS staff are well trained bilinguals who:

  • consider your success and comfort as the priorities
  • assist you with all business related matters with a professional manner
  • work with you discreetly and pledge 100% confidentiality
  • are all university graduates and either Yokohama or Tokyo natives

So how can our TBAS staff make your business in Japan a walk in the park? They can help you:

  • make appointments with Japanese companies
  • conduct company visits with you and interpret for you during your meetings
  • locate appropriate stores and/or companies from which to purchase products
  • pack and ship purchased products via the Japan Post to the destination of your choice

TBAS Basic Plan starts from US$500. The Basic Plan covers eight hours of a TBAS assistant’s contact with you on the chosen day. You can add more services to the Basic Plan, including, but not limited to:

  • Book accommodation and transport tickets
  • Arrange meetings with Japanese companies of your interest
  • Document translation into Japanese and meeting preparation with companies
  • Design and print bilingual business cards in Japanese and English
  • Locate companies from which to purchase products for your business back home
  • Hire a car and a driver in addition to our TBAS assistant
  • Prepare shipment of your purchased products to the destination of your choice
  • Mobile internet sim card with unlimited data
  • 9am – 9pm telephone/Skype service
  • Accompany you to conferences and exhibitions
  • Hire our TBAS bilingual assistant to accompany you on a business trip outside Tokyo
  • Arrange extra activities such as watching sumo, visiting a sake producer etc.

TBAS can help you achieve more and in less time than if you were to work alone.

You want to develop your business in Japan but can’t make the time to do so? also offers a virtual business assistant service. Contact us for a quote.

We are here to help you succeed in amazing Tokyo – we are at your service.