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How many samples do you receive?

As promised, you will find 3-5 (if not more!) free complementary samples included in your parcel with every order. Our existing customers know very well that they receive interesting, and often very generous amounts of, free samples :-)

What kinds of samples and how are samples selected?

DHC Japanese Cosmetics Samples

At, there isn’t a set rule for sample selection. This is because each order is unique and our packing team is trusted to select the best samples for your order. It’s a given that we only include samples of products we know are of good quality. Also there are some rules of thumbs as follows:

1. Samples of products we love

We often choose samples of products we truly love and use ourselves. For instance, Gyokuroen Kombucha is our all time favorite:-) Other infatuation we have is with Umaibo Japanese dagashi snack of all tastes, UCC Craftsman.  Drip Coffee Deep & Rich Special Blend and KIT KAT Matcha taste, all of which are almost always available for Takaski staff in our tearoom. We have this tendency to want our customers to try what we love:-) !

2. Samples to fill out empty space

Takaski’s packing team gets worried about having too much space in a parcel. Normally, space in a parcel is filled with paper fillers or air packing bags. But sometimes we tend to use bigger sized samples to fill out the space so that the ordered items won’t move and get damaged in the parcel on the way to your home. Some of the larger sized samples include bags of Calbee Potato Chips and boxes of Unicharm Silcot Cotton Pads.

3. Free furoshiki sample to hold items

When an order consists of many small items, they might come wrapped in a sample furoshiki Japanese wrapping cloth. It is easy and much more economical to wrap them in plastic air bubbles and put items in a plastic bag so that they won’t move and get flying about in the parcel during delivery. We can’t do this very often, but we try to wrap items in a furoshiki wherever possible so that our customers can use it again and again, which might contribute to reduction in plastic bag use.

* Please kindly note that free samples can not be selected by clients and are always subject of availability during dispatch process. Thank you.

Free Product Samples from Japan