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We are currently putting together a series of Takaski’s Special Hampers for 2016 Christmas. In the process of selecting hamper items, it occurred to us – “Why not give away a hamper to thank all Takaski fans out there?”

Good idea? We think so:-) This free giveaway hamper + free international shipping is worth USD$104.42! And as always, we only include made in Japan snack in the hamper.

Win Free Japanese Snack Hamper Giveaway

Win Free Japanese Snack Hamper

What’s in the Takaski Japanese Snack Hamper?

The free Takaski Hamper includes super popular Japanese sweet snack and more (details below). We wanted the hamper to be gouges, so these items are from major producers such as Meiji, Glico, Morinaga, Lotte and more.

It will come wrapped in a Japanese traditional furoshiki, which can be used and reused as a gift wrap or lunch bag! So if you want to give this hamper away to someone special, s/he will be super impressed:-D

What about shipping fee?

Wondering about a shipping fee? Not to worry! It doesn’t matter where you live – we’ll send it to you for FREE (see Terms & Conditions below).

How do I win the hamper?

To win this awesome free Takaski Japanese snack hamper, simply follow the steps described on our Facebook page. We promise it’s not going to be a major hassle – it involves only a few clicking:-)

When and where will the winner be announced?

One lucky winner will be drawn at 7pm Japan time on the 24th of November. The official announcement will be made on our Facebook page.

How do I participate in the free hamper draw?

Visit our Facebook page and simply follow the steps involved. If you have any question, please contact us via “Contact us” or on the live chat channel on our website.

The Free Takaski Japanese Sweet Snack Hamper includes:

  1. GLICO Pocky Chocolate – 9 Individual Bags – $7.60
  2. MEIJI Rich Strawberry Biscuits 6 Pcs – $5.98
  3. BOURBON Petit White Chocolate Cookies Langue de Chat – $7.00
  4. LOTTE Choco Pie Original – 6pcs – $6.90
  5. SANKO SEIKA Brown Sugar Milk Rice Cracker – 14pcs – $8.80
  6. LION Janjyaka Noisy 8-Flavor Soda Hard Candy – 112g – $5.80
  7. KABAYA Saku Saku Crispy Panda Chocolate Cookie – 38g $3.50
  8. BOURBON Alfort Chocolate Cookie – Original Blue – $3.50
  9. MORINAGA Hi-Chew Assortment – 4 Flavours – $4.45
  10. GLICO Bisco Butter Flavour Biscuit – 15pcs – $4.50
  11. MORINAGA Condensed Milk Tube – 120g – $7.20
  12. JAPAN COCA COLA Purun Purun Qoo Jelly Drink – Grape 125g $5.20
  13. Japanese furoshiki gift wrap cloth – $3.99
  14. Shipping fee – Approx. $30.00

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The types of hamper items are non-negotiable;
  2. The hamper cannot be split – one whole hamper will be sent to one lucky winner;
  3. The winner can send this hamper as a gift to someone special in his or her life;
  4. The hamper will be dispatched immediately after we hear from the winner that s/he is ready to receive the hamper. However, we hold the dispatch until the end of November;
  5. Colours of the items might differ slightly due to several factors such as different monitors;
  6. The furoshiki version might be different depending on the availability;
  7. Shipment is by SAL via Japan Post, which takes 10 to 21 business days depending on the destination country (a tracking number is included); and
  8. The parcel might take longer depending on the speed of the customs and the post office in the destination country.
  9. cannot be held responsible for any damage, health or physical, caused by any of the hamper items. The winner must directly consult with the producer of items.