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Hi everyone, I’m Kyoko and I’m matchaholic. I’m a total sucker to matcha this and matcha that, including even facial soap. When I’m tired or edgy, I make myself a matcha latte, and, there, I’m immediately much better. Craving for Matcha Latte Milk? Top 5 Japanese Matcha Green Tea Drinks!

A while ago, I insisted to our CEO that we should serve matcha latte to company representatives when they visit our office in Tokyo. It’s a total ice-breaker – they say they are usually served with either a tea or coffee during a company visit – “It’s a nice change, really. I’ve already had five cups of coffee today, so thank you.”

KATAOKA Tsujiri Matcha Milk with Sakura Flavour - 180g
Good news is that there is such a variety of matcha latte drinks in Japan. Every shop you go, they’d have a range of matcha drinks. Bad news of course is that there are just so many that you don’t know which ones to go for. Most Japanese matcha latte drinks have perfectly subtle sweetness, but some are not so subtle, which kind of makes you feel all dizzy. Craving for Matcha Latte Milk? Top 5 Japanese Matcha Green Tea Drinks.

Without further ado, here is our Top 5 matcha latte drinks. Many of our existing customers have had samples of some of the products below:-)

#1 MUJI Instant Matcha-Type Green Latte Powder

One of very few non caffeine matcha latte. It’s simply a delight and we always have Muji’s instant matcha in our office. This product is actually made from Japanese mulberry leaves and has deep taste like matcha. With Muji

being the world’s favourite Japanese brand, it is no wonder why this has been the top selling matcha drink at our store.

#2 MORIHAN Creamy Matcha Au Lait Instant Sticks

Morihan makes amazing matcha products, including this creamy matcha au lait. Established in Kyoto in 1836, Morihan is one of the most recognised green tea sellers in Japan. Sometime it’s hard to get their products quickly as they have only one shop in Tokyo. They matcha sweets are amazing, too, if you have sweet matcha tooth like I do;-)

#3 KATAOKA Tsujiri Matcha Milk

Established in Kyoto in 1860, Tsujiri is one of the finest green tea makers and sellers in Japan. Many food and drink makers also use Tsujiri green tea to boost the status of their products. Starting with its original version of Soft Flavour, Tsujiri Matcha Milk has introduced Sakura and Chestnut versions, which are unfortunately limited time only. I’m kind of looking forward to Strawberry or Banana version – how about you?

#4 AGF Maxim Stick Uji Matcha Latte

Maxim is definitely satisfying to those who find Japanese drinks lacking in sweetness. It is not to say that’s too sweet. But it has much more decent amount of sweetness if you are more used to non-Japanese matcha drinks.

#5 Au Lait 7 Sticks

Blendy’s matcha au lait is definitely the all rounder, pleasing to all types of matcha drinkers. Actually this is the one that we often serve to our company guests if they say yes to our offer. The price is very reasonable, too, which is very important if you are a matchaholic like I am>-<

Not interested in instant matcha latte? I hear you. Here is what I do when I’m in need of heavier dose of matcha.

Make an instant matcha latte or milk and add a bit of more refined matcha (my favorite being Fukujuen and Ippodo) to it. This way, you’ll never have to pay $7-8 for a matcha green tea drink!

You are a cafe or restaurant owner? Looking for an industrial size? We got you here – 500g! Morihan’s rich matcha powder is easy to dissolve and is perfect matcha powder for all types of sweet dishes at your cafe.

Industrial sie Morihan's Rich Matcha Powder - 500g