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26 February 2022

Latest cooking fad in Japan: Onigirazu!

The latest cooking fad in Japan: Onigirazu! (おにぎらず)". What is it? Onigiri rice balls, are already famous internationally, and Onigirazu is a postmodern version of it. While onigiri is shaped…
3 March 2022

Mt. Fuji Trivia

You've probably heard about Mt. Fuji. For those who haven't, it's the highest mountain in Japan and it's loved and worshiped by many nationally and internationally. The mountain was listed as…
23 January 2022

Top 5 Curry in Japan

Japanese curry has become a brand of its own. Almost every family in Japan has their own recipe, and unlike other countries, they make curry at home using a ready-made…
3 February 2022

40 Fun facts about Japan

As Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 draws closer, TV stations around the world are airing more and more Japan/Tokyo-themed programs. Hopefully these TV programs are a good source of facts about…