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Oh yes, this summer has been super hot in Tokyo. All sorts of sunscreens occupy shop front now, but let’s not forget that it’s extremely important to choose the right kind of sunscreen from the best Japanese UV sunscreens made in Japan. If sunscreen doesn’t suit your skin, it can create all sorts of problems. If you think your sunscreen doesn’t suit you, try the following:

  • Choose sunscreen for sensitive skin
  • Pay close attention to the ingredients in sunscreen
  • Check if SPF and/or PA is too high for your skin

It’s also important to rethink the ways in which you apply or wash off sunscreen.

  • Apply sunscreen as directed
  • Wash off sunscreen properly before you go to bed

While they are basic information on the use of sunscreen, it’s so easy to forget! Now, here is a quick list of what’s popular at

1. Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich

They are the most popular line of sunscreens this summer, again! Dedicated fans of super reliable Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich series just keep coming back.

2. Rohto Skin Aqua

Rohto’s Skin Aqua series are not far behind Biore Sarasara Aqua Rich series in terms of popularity. Many of our staff also use this item almost religiously. If you haven’t tried this product, watch the way it turns into water as soon as you apply this to your skin.

3. Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster is your best friend when you are doing outdoor activity or having a swim. Have a look at the confident smile of the girl in the ad – that’s what you want to be when you are sweating but want to be protected from UV damages!

SHISEIDO Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF 50+ PA++++ 60ml

4. Shiseido Senka Sunscreen

Shiseido’s Senka series have been extremely popular, particularly the line of Perfect Whip Face Wash. But Senka’s Sunscreens are equally popular this summer. Senka’s sunscreens are made with mineral water and that’s the winning point of this product. – it’s just like water! If you are already using Senka Perfect White, you might like to give its sunscreens a go, too. Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen is one of few that is dedicatedly designed for anti-aging.

SHISEIDO Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen SPF50

5. ACSEINE Sunshield EX

Okay, this is not for the budget users, but Acseine Sunshield EX is one of the most popular sunscreens among Japanese women this summer. Made with ACS (Allergen Control System) to cater for sensitive skin, it contains two types of powder – green and sparkling powder – which won’t darken skin complexion. It is non-chemical, non-fragrant, alcohol-free and it’s waterproof.  Acseine began collaborating with dermatologists back and nine other companies back in the 1970s to produce cosmetic products. They have developed its unique Allergen Control System that cater for sensitive skin.

ACSEINE Sunshield EX - SPF50+ PA++++ 22g


If you are looking for a premium sun shelter, here is it. Kose’s Cosme Decorte Sun Shelter AG is designed to protect against UV A and B with SPF50+/PA++++, which is the highest rate in Japan. It excels in anti-aging care, protecting against aging effect on skin such as small wrinkles. It also has high skin care effect, making skin more supple and firm. Non-oily and it stretches well on skin. Fresh green floral fragrance and perfect for spring to summer season.

KOSE COSME DECORTE Sun Shelter AG - 2016 Top Selling Sunscreen

KOSE COSME DECORTE Sun Shelter AG – 2016 Top Selling Sunscreen

7. Sunscreen for Baby and Small Children

You want to choose the right sunscreen for your baby and small children, too. Here is a life of sunscreen for babies and small children that are popular at

Choose the right sunscreen and enjoy the rest of summer!