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Working at, I’m often asked what I actually think is the best product. It’s hard to make recommendations as everyone has a different taste and necessity. Our recommendations are often based on what’s popular at our store. We thought that another way to make recommendations is perhaps to share our own daily routine in Tokyo. Kyoko has done something similar here and today’s post is done by Yukari, the head of Dispatch Department. Best Japanese products for perfect morning routine in Tokyo!

In the Kitchen

Hi everyone, I’m Yukari from the Dispatch Department. I’m happy to share my morning routine with you! I’m in my late 40s and my morning begins beautifully with Japanese coffee, cereal, aojiru and collagen.

KEY COFFEE Drip On Variety Pack

I live by myself, so I only need one cup of coffee. That’s why Key Coffee Drip On is perfect for me. As the name suggests, it comes with a variety of flavors including Prime Origins Guatemala Special Blend Mocha Blend Kilimanjaro Blend Toraja Blend Key Coffee Original – Freeze Mature. All you have to do is take out one, pour hot water and you have a perfect aromatic coffee in no time.

JAPAN KELLOGG’S Genmai Flakes Cereal with Kinako & Brown Sugar

Of all the corn flakes available on the Japanese market, I’m currently hooked on Genmai Flakes Cereal. I personally think kinako and brown sugar is the winning formula which doesn’t exist in international markets. I add soy milk to this brown rice flake and I feel so healthy and satisfied in the morning!

Hiro Enzyme Aojiru with Matcha Organic & High Fiber

I used to laugh at my aunty taking aojiru some 10 years ago. But now, I’m the worshipper of aojiru. For many benefits aojiru is known for, I take it for one reason – it makes me regular;-) I started taking aojiru about six months ago and my stomach problem disappeared and I’ve been very regular. I’ve tried various aojiru, but for now, I’m most happy with Hiro Enzyme Aojiru because it tastes more like a matcha tea than aojiru.

SHISEIDO The Collagen Tablet

While taking my routine aojiru, I also pop collagen. SHISEIDO The Collagen Tablet is my favourite for almost a year. It is the only collagen I felt an immediate effect on my skin after I started taking it.

I’m thinking about switching to powder type of The Collagen now. I’m rather lazy in the morning, so I just want to add one spoonful of The Collagen to my coffee and be done with.

In the Bathroom

Thanks to the never ending variety of bath and skin care products in Japan, morning shower is nothing short of a heavenly experience. Currently the following products are right there in my bathroom.

SHISEIDO Tsubaki Oil Extra Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve been using Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Up, but I had to try Shiseido’s latest Autumn limited version of Extra Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner. I hate to admit, but I was sold when I saw its advertisement with Japanese-American model Jun Hasegawa. My goodness she’s gorgeous!

LION Hadakara Body Soap – Floral Fragrance

Lion proudly introduced a new body soap – Hadakara Body Soap. On their website they are boasting the fact that they’ve been making soap for 120 YEARS and this product is their masterpiece. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try a full bottle, so I purchased a 7-Day trial. Until then, I was using charcoal soap, which didn’t leave my skin dry. I’m pretty happy with Hadakara because it leaves my skin even more moist than the charcoal soap. I’m moving on to a full bottle after I finish the trial pack.

SHISEIDO Facial Cleansing Form – Perfect Whip

I’ve tried all sorts of face wash, but Shiseido Perfect Whip is perfect for me at the moment. There are many expensive face wash products, but Perfect Whip is reasonably priced and yet works really really well on my skin. The one that I used to use was over 3,000yen, so it was rather painful everytime I had to get a refill. Perfect Whip doesn’t hurt my wallet and keeps my skin moist and firm. Thank you, thank you, thank you:-)

DHC Skin Care

I’m also a worshiper of DHC skin care products. Everything from DHC works for me, but so far, I find DHC Elastin Collagen Ceramide Placenta Fresh Lotion and DHC Placenta Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel is the best combination. I’m the one who suggested to the Takaski Management Team to make the DHC sample set available for our customers:-)

Sumigaki Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal is black. But everyone wants their teeth to be white. How does this work? It works amazingly, I have to say. First of all, I think my teeth are getting brighter after I started to use Sumigaki Charcoal Toothpaste. Charcoal works powerfully to get rid of plaque. I also noticed that it really helps remove bad breath.

I don’t leave home without this

My work is dispatching hundreds of parcels from our warehouse everyday, so I’m prone to all sorts of muscle pain. Part of my work also involves heavy desk work. So I never leave home without this:

NICHIBAN Roihi Tsuboko Pain Relief Patches

I feel pain in different parts of my body. That’s why I like Roihi Tsuboko because they are small and I can place them any part of my body. I usually use normal type, but in summer, I switch to its cool type. I put them on around 8:30am and leave them on all day until I come home.

KAO Megurhythm Tummy Steam Warm Patch

Oh yes, Kao Megurhythm Tummy Steam Warm Patch is a saviour for me in winter. When I feel warm around my tummy, I feel more energetic and even awake! I’ve stocked up enough for this winter in Tokyo.

That’s all for me and thank you for reading to the end:-) Ask any question to Kyoko on our live chat channel if you have any question!