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Oh yes, it’s that time of year. From small children to senior citizens, the Japanese have just begun gearing up for the 2016 Halloween horror nights (and days), climaxing on the 31st of October. Small Halloween sections with snacks and costumes began popping up at supermarkets and department stores across the country, and yes, we also want to be part of it:-) Best Japanese Halloween Products!

So, we are giving away free 2pcs of 2016 Kit Kat Pumpkin Pudding Flavour with every order we receive. This special Halloween promotion is on until our stock runs out – so hurry!Get 2 FREE Helloween Pumpkin KitKats with every order!

Kit Kat has been introducing its Halloween special package almost every year, but this year’s design is more elaborate than last year. Not only they have a new Halloween package design, but there are a number of different individual wrap design. It’s fun to just look at these mini wraps, and as always, there is a small memo space at the back of each wrap in which you can add a personalised message.

Have a look at the video recording to see all types of package designs.

Btw, If your order is over USD $99 then you are entitled to free shipping. It usually takes one to three weeks depending on the destination (also there could always be a potential delay due to the speed of processing and delivery in the destination country).

So to avoid disappointment, it’s best to order early or if you are ordering close to the Halloween, then, you might like to choose a faster shipping option of ‘Regular’ or ‘EMS’.

If two pieces of Halloween Kit Kat is not enough, then, here is more from our 2016 Halloween section for you to choose from! Alternatively, enter “Halloween” in the search box and see the whole range of Japanese snack from

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