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If you are a coffee lover, you might be worried that I may start telling you to stop drinking coffee. Don’t worry. I don’t intend to! All I ask is this – add a cup of Japanese green tea to your morning or afternoon break routine, because doing so will significantly help you feel healthier, look even more beautiful and eventually might live longer, thanks to all the good stuff that are found in green tea leaf all top 3 benefits of Japanese green tea are very significant.

So what’s that good stuff and what does green tea actually do? Here are three major benefits that will inspire you to drink more green tea (just like most of our staff at If you have time, read to the end and discover our top 3 green tea for everyday use and special occasions at our store. Top 3 Benefits of Japanese Green Tea:

Benefit 1: Improved health

Green tea contains a lot of bioactive compounds that make into the final drink. When you make that small cup of green tea, remember – it’s full of polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which work as powerful antioxidants. So as you sip that tea, you know it’s going to help you detox:-)

It has also been reported that green tea may help lower the risk of various types of cancer through antioxidants that are consumed as part of green tea.

Benefit 2: Better brain function

Yes, you guessed it – green tea contains that stimulant called caffeine, which is proven to result in improvements in brain function as well as better mood, vigilance, reaction time and even memory! But as we know, too much caffeine is not good news. The good news is green tea has much less caffeine than coffee, but gives you enough effect, but keep you energized and productive.

Another good news is that green tea contains catechin compounds that help keep your brain young. Catechin compounds in green tea are reported to have various protective effects on neurons in scientific tests, proving the potential of green tea as contributing to lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Benefit 3: Lowered risk of obesity

Green tea is said to boost the metabolic rate. If taken properly, then, it could help you manage your weight better. Apparently some studies suggest decreases in body fat in the abdominal area. According to WHO, Japan’s obesity rate is 4.5%, ranked 166th out of 189 countries.

In Japan, although people drink green tea regularly, they don’t necessarily think, “I’m going to lose weight by drinking green tea!” as they grab that cup of tea. Green tea and other types of tea without sugar are so part of their everyday life. Many of us here benefit from this tradition of drinking non-sugary liquid and resulting in low obesity rates in this country.

Why “Japanese” Green Tea?

When you consume Japanese green tea, you can rest assured that Japanese green tea growers, who produced that tea that is about to enter your body, have paid attention to every detail at every part of the production process. Many Japanese green tea producers have been growing tea for centuries. They take pride in what they produce.

How to Incorporate Green Tea into Everyday Routine

In general, there are two ways of having green tea – loose tea and tea bags. Both are good to have around for different purposes.

Loose Leaf: Have a nice teapot and make enough green tea with loose tea leaf for a couple of people around you for morning or afternoon tea. If they like it, too, then, they might request for a green tea, which might help incorporate green tea into your everyday routine:-)

Tea Bag: Have a variety of tea bags ready on the kitchen counter and at work. There is a large range of flavoured green tea and it’s so much more fun if there is a nice selection of flavours. Choose the right flavour that suits your mood of the day or pick one that might lift your spirit!

Top 3 Green Tea Loose Leaf for Everyday Use

 Top 3 Green Tea Loose Leaf for Special Occasions

Top 3 Green Tea Bags for Everyday Use

Top 3 Green Tea Bags On Special Occasion



Established in Tokyo, Ochaski is a nihon-cha specialist, offering premium Japanese tea to tea lovers around the globe. All Ochaski’s tea products are single-sourced from Japanese family-run tea growers only. They are thus 100% traceable. Ochaski’s collection of tea begins with a conversation with tea growers. We visit their farms and ask how they grow and harvest their tea before making the tea available online to our customers. It is not only Ochaski’s tea that is made in Japan – our tea containers, bags and wrapping materials are also made right here in Japan. Green tea has a long history in Japan – it’s been part and parcel of Japanese healthy and calm lifestyle. Ochaski is dedicated to helping our customers achieve better health, more happiness and calmness in their lives through the delivery of quality Japanese tea. Top 3 Benefits of Japanese Green Tea.