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Be ramen savvy with Ramen 500yen Passport!Crazy about ramen? Wanna try as many different kinds and shops as you could during your stay in Japan? Then get yourself this ramen booklet called “Ramen 500yen Passport” (published by Bunkasha)! Be ramen savvy with Ramen 500yen Passport.

Ramen normally range between 800 to 1300yen in Tokyo, be ramen savvy with ramen 500yen passport which allows you to eat ramen for 500yen at 73 shops across Tokyo. For example, you will only pay 500yen for a bawl of bashira ramen, which is normally priced at 800yen, at Bashira in Nihonbashi.

The passport is only in Japanese at the moment, but the publisher is considering an English and Chinese version in the near future.

The six basic rules of using the passport:

  1. The passport is good for three months
  2. The passport can be used up to three times at a shop
  3. One passport per person
  4. You need to indicate your passport both when you enter and leave a restaurant
  5. The discount applies only to the dishes listed in the passport, and
  6. You need to be aware of the time and the date the passport can be used

Be ramen savvy with Ramen 500yen Passport!

Be ramen savvy with Ramen 500yen Passport!