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There are literally hundreds of best Japanese green tea & matcha brands in Japan. Don’t worry if you don’t know which one to go for – most Japanese people don’t even know which ones to recommend:-( Team Takaski has put together 6 best Japanese green tea brands for those wishing to get into the much-talked-about world of Japanese green tea.

No. 1 FUKUJUEN 福寿園

 Japanese Green Tea Brands

Fukujuen Shop

Fukujuen was founded by Iyemon Fukui in Kyoto in 1790. Fukujuen was originally selling wood by shipping, and later began selling green tea as well. Fukujuen is endearingly called Iemon and Suntory began collaborating with Fukujuen to produce bottled green tea. Suntory Iyemon is one of the best selling green tea products in Japan.

Fukujuen takes pride in producing high quality matcha by using stone mills. From matcha to uji tea, Fukujuen offers a wide range of high quality green tea. Some are quite pricy, but Fukujuen also has a variety of affordable green tea products available for everyday use.


NO. 2 OCHASKI オチャスキー

Established in Tokyo, Ochaski is a nihon-cha specialist, offering premium Japanese tea to tea lovers around the globe. All Ochaski’s tea products are single-sourced from Japanese family-run tea growers only. They are thus 100% traceable. Ochaski’s collection of tea begins with a conversation with tea growers. We visit their farms and ask how they grow and harvest their tea before making the tea available online to our customers. It is not only Ochaski’s tea that is made in Japan – our tea containers, bags and wrapping materials are also made right here in Japan. Green tea has a long history in Japan – it’s been part and parcel of Japanese healthy and calm lifestyle. Ochaski is dedicated to helping our customers achieve better health, more happiness and calmness in their lives through the delivery of quality Japanese tea.


NO. 3 IPPODO 一保堂

Japanese green teas

Ippodo Shop

Founded almost three centuries ago, Ippodo started as Omiya on Teramachi Street in Kyoto. In 1846 they were given the current name Ippodo by Prince Yamashina.During the Meiji Period, Ippodo began exporting Japanese green tea to the U.S..

Today Ippodo is one of the most respected, prestigious tea producers in Japan, particularly loved by professional tea masters. Ippodo’s uji green tea are the best known products. Ippodo holds seminars and classes on how to make tea as well.



Buy japanese green tea

Giontsujiri Shop

In 1860 Uemon Tsujiri began selling uji tea in Kyoto. Based in Gion, Kyoto, Giontsujiri has always focused on uji tea since its foundation. Their uji cha comes from tea leaves grown in countryside southern Kyoto. Giontsujiri is one of the most exclusive Japanese tea brands. Among 12 kinds of tea leaves offered by Giontsujiri, Uji Gyokuro is the most popular, and it’s most suitable for gyokuro loves and green tea fans who know a lot about Japanese green tea.

Giontsujiri Uji Gyokuro - Hand-Picked 48g

Giontsujiri Uji Gyokuro – Hand-Picked 48g




Aikokuseicha Shop

Aikokuseicha manufactures and sells its green tea products in Shinjuku. It was founded in 1933 by Jyotaro Baba who contributed as Confucius expert to establishing Keio University. In 1941 Baba set up Aikokuseicha as a company and began wholesale by directly buying tea leaves from a family to whom Baba’s daughter married. At that time their customers were mainly military, Manchrian officers and the House of Royal Family.

In 1941, Aikokuseicha became purveyors to Imperial Household Agency. Their signature product is organic tea and Shizuoka-produced tea leaves that won the Imperial Award.





ITOHKYUEMON Kyoto Uji Matcha Made in Japan


Founder Tsuneemon Itoh began selling tea in Uji Tawara Town in 1832. Only first picks of tea leaves grown in Tawara Town in Uji City in Kyoto are used for ItohKyuemon’s top line of products. Their select tea blends are highly refreshing and has smooth taste. Their products are not too bitter, easy to drink and refreshing. In addition to their popular Uji tea leaves, ItohKyuemon also produces sweets, cha soba and even matcha curry!


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  • Kisa Nao says:

    Hello! I’ll appreciate it if you could tell me the best 5 brands of Sencha that is best or popular to citizens in Japan. Except Itohkyuemon Uji Sencha, I hardly see the others with Sencha on it. Please tell me the brand names. And it will nice to have one that is affordable and not incredibly expensive cause it is for daily uses.
    Thank you.